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Bitcoin Code –Finanzielle Freihet durch Bitcoin Handel

Interest rates have been at rock bottom for years. Investments in overnight or time deposits and therefore not very sensible. The interest rates do not even catch up with inflation. If you want to achieve a reasonable return, you have to choose somewhat riskier investments. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin offer this possibility.

Many an investor has already become a millionaire with Bitcoins and Co.

The chances to earn money in trading crypto currencies are real and the time to enter is currently favorable. However, there are also many dubious providers on the market who are pulling investors over the table. It is all the more important to inform yourself about an online broker who offers trading with crypto currencies.

Those who register and pay in money also have to pay attention to a few things. For example, no high fees should be charged, the withdrawals must work and the customer service should be easily accessible and competent. We have summarized our experience with the Bitcoin Code, the Bitcoin Taxes Discount Code and the offered algorithm and Trade Fintech trading platform for automatic trading here in this report.

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The facts about Bitcoin Code summarized

  • Free demo account
  • User-friendly and easy to use trading platform from Trade Fintech
  • Algorithm for automatic trading
  • Opportunities for returns even with falling prices
  • Favourable spreads (fees)
  • Fast payouts within 48 hours without fees
  • German-speaking customer service easily accessible via live chat and telephone

Register with Bitcoin Code and start – Here’s how it works:

Registration with Bitcoin Code is done in a few steps. If you want to register via mobile phone, you have to download the app with the Bitcoin QR Code Generator. Then, investors only need to enter a few personal details, the e-mail address and a phone number in the registration form. In addition, the user name and a password for logging in must be set and the general terms and conditions must be accepted. Afterwards, a deposit of at least 250 euros can be made in the account area.

  • Download the software with the Bitcoin source code. Enter your e-mail address and personal data in the login mask and set your user name and personal password.
  • Payment of the minimum deposit of 250 Euro. A credit card or bank transfer can be used for this.
  • Start trading or practice with the demo account

Tip: It is best to watch the instruction video first!

Seize opportunities now

When the price reached the 15,000 euro mark at the end of 2017, the crypto currency had turned many nerds and speculators into millionaires. However, only those who bought in time at a much cheaper rate and got out on spades. As a result, the price of the Bitcoin plummeted again significantly because many investors had understandably taken profits.

Those who hesitated too long and bought too expensive lost money. This year, however, the price of Bitcoin has risen again significantly. It is also not foreseeable that the price of a Bitcoin will fall so quickly again.

The chance to get in now and earn money is good. With Bitcoin Code it is even easier to earn at the Bitcoin rate or the rate of other crypto currencies.

There is no need to open a wallet. There is also no need to buy the crypto currency itself, but a so-called CFD or Forex position is opened, which pays out profits when the price has developed in the expected direction.

Markets are now much more liquid, which gives them greater stability. In general, however, crypto-currencies are still considered a very volatile investment. This means that there are usually larger price swings, for example when large investors buy or sell.

With falling prices profits are also possible

Of course, prices do not always rise. On the stock exchange there is a constant change of ups and downs. If there is a downward trend, no one has to wait until the prices move upwards again. With put positions you can also profit from falling prices. It is even possible to speculate that the price will move up or down, as long as it moves in one direction or the other.

Automatic trading – with the Bitcoin Code Software this is possible

Bitcoin Code offers its investors the opportunity to use an algorithm provided free of charge. This algorithm independently enters into trading positions and closes them at an appropriate moment. With the algorithm, favorable entry points are usually recognized faster than with a chart analysis carried out by the investor himself.

Especially for newcomers to trading, the algorithm for automatic trading is a good aid. However, if you want to build up trading positions yourself, you can do so without the algorithm. Many different currency pairs are available for trading. With the pre-installed tools and indicators on the trading platform, the charts can be analysed and suitable entry signals can be identified.

By the way, not only Bitcoin code has a trading bot that follows a certain algorithm. Banks and large investment houses also use such programs. Experience shows that they usually have great advantages over small investors.

Especially in trading crypto currencies, but also in traditional Forex trading, it is extremely important to react quickly. Positions are sometimes only held for a few seconds, which is why it is also called second trading.

Targets must be realistic

Anyone who thinks they can quickly become a millionaire with Bitcoin code is wrong. Of course high profits are possible. But the risks are just as high. Nor can every trade be a profit trade. Not even the most savvy stock market professionals can do that. Even the algorithm used by Bitcoin Code for automatic trading cannot generate 100% profits.

The statements of some customers on the Bitcoin Code website who have become rich with Bitcoin code and its algorithm may be true, but it is not expected that everyone will become equally rich. Instead, prospective traders should set themselves realistic goals. These should also match the capital invested.

Overly ambitious profit targets or emotions such as fear or greed usually do not lead to long-term success. It is also important that investors familiarize themselves with the basics of risk and money management. For example, you should never trade without hedging and, furthermore, you should never use all your capital in a single trade. If you keep a trading book, you will be better able to analyse where the mistakes were made when you made several trades in a row.

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It often happens, for example, that the stop losses are set too close to the entry price for hedging, with the consequence that the position entered into is stopped out too quickly, even though the trade would actually have gone well. Such beginner’s mistakes can be better identified with a trading book

Mehere Tausend Anleger vertrauen auf die Software von Bitcoin Code

Experience with Bitcoin Code

Of course, even Bitcoin Code is no guarantee that all trades will win. There is also nothing given as a gift. There are simply days when nothing really works. Investors who deposit money with Bitcoin Code must expect to incur losses on their transactions. They should therefore only trade with the money they do not need to live or pay running bills.

Bitcoin Code’s trading platform is clear and easy to use. There are several tools and pre-installed indicators to perform chart analysis and detect entry signals.

For trades, it is also possible to use stop losses as order supplements.

A Stop Loss should always be taken in Forex trading or trading with crypto currencies to limit the risk of loss. It is also important that not all the capital is used in a single trade. A recommendation of experienced traders, for example, is to use only 2% of the available capital per trade.

This means that theoretically 50 trades would have to be lost in a row until the capital is exhausted. However, if something like that happens, the devil would have to deal with it. That is not likely. If you also work with stop losses, you will never lose the entire capital invested in a trade if the trade goes wrong.

Is Bitcoin Code serious?

Unfortunately, where money is used, there are always dubious profiteers. Therefore, it is important to find out about a supplier before investing money. It is important that the deposits and withdrawals function smoothly and no overpriced fees are demanded. The customer service should also be easily accessible and speak German if possible.

Based on our experience and customer reports, there have been no complaints about Bitcoin Code so far. If you have had other experiences, please let us know so that we can update our test if necessary.

The trading platform at Bitcoin Code, which is provided by the proven provider Trade Fintech, is considered stable. Quotes are displayed in real-time. The algorithm developed by Sven Hegel, former software developer on Wall Street, has already helped many investors to increase their invested capital.

The spreads demanded by Bitcoin Code from customers in return are relatively low. Deposits can be made with a credit card, but also by bank transfer.

Traders should note, however, that before the first payout, a verification of the information provided at registration will take place. This is required by law under the anti-money laundering regulations. Otherwise, withdrawals usually take no more than two days.

Bitcoin Code’s customer service, which can be reached via Live Chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, made a competent impression in the test. An employee was already present within a minute. The questions asked were answered satisfactorily.

All in all, we have gained a serious impression of Bitcoin Code, even though some people may feel a little euphoric about the way it is presented on the website. But that’s marketing today.

Our conclusion about Bitcoin Code

Trading Bitcoins and other crypto currencies can be very profitable, just like normal currency trading. But trading is also risky, so the risks must never be neglected.

It is important that traders who want to enter Bitcoin trading have a reliable online broker at their side. The trading platform Trade Fintech used by Bitcoin Code has proven to be stable and secure in the tests. It is also easy to use and very clearly laid out, so investors can get started without having to read a manual first.

The algorithm offered by Bitcoin Code for automatic trading has proven to be useful. Those who prefer to decide for themselves which trading positions they wish to open can trade without the algorithm. Options for hedging positions, such as stop losses, are offered. However, there are no guaranteed profits even with Bitcoin Code.

Registering with Bitcoin Code is easy and takes only a few steps. If you want, you can download the app to your mobile phone using the Bitcoin QR Code.

Risk note

Bitcoin trading offers investors great profit opportunities. But there are also risks. Those who start trading should only bet money that they are prepared to lose in case of doubt. Not every trade is successful. Therefore it is important that investors set themselves realistic goals and follow the basic rules of risk and money management. This includes that every trade is secured by a stop loss order. Furthermore, never put all your capital into a single trade.

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